Strategies to Answer the Question “Why Have You Quit the Previous Job?”

Before facing a job interview it should be if you are to prepare an approximate answer to the questions that will be asked later. One question that might be asked is: why did you quit your previous job? Even though you decide to apply for the new job online even by accessing for instance, you have the chance for face to face interview. That’s why you should know this.

Communication that occurs when a job interview must be a positive communication. To begin your answer, tell us about the experience that the previous company has given and what lessons you have taken from your work. After that, you can tell the real reason why you decided to resign. Generally, the interviewer is happy to hear this and will consider yourself professional enough to appreciate the previous company even though it was decided to resign. Put aside the feeling of emotion towards the old office life and remember never to speak badly with your old office mate during a job interview.

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