A true customer assistant: Abilities reveal

As a Customer Assistant, you might object if you want to bring bad news to your customers. But on the other hand you can’t help but convey the news. This is where your important role is, how to make your customers not angry if you give a less pleasant news. You can give positive sentences. In delivery, you can focus on positive things so that what you say will certainly be something that your customers can accept. On the other hand, perhaps you need to visit this link and get the excellent 1300 numbers.


Like a soap opera player as a customer service, you have to be able to act. Acting in any way the problem you face at that time you have to look cheerful and uplifting because the impression you show can affect your customers.

Ability to manage time

Use your time as best as possible in serving your customers. If you spend only one or two customers, your chances of getting another customer will be lost.

Ability to “Read” Customers

For an Afghan customer/sales read customer is the most important thing, how is the customer’s current mood. If you can read your customers then you will know what kind of service you can provide, and if you can understand you, then your customers will be satisfied with your service.

Have Soothing Traits

Your customer is in big trouble, your customer is nervous because your product is experiencing a disruption. This is where your role as a tranquilizer for your customers, provide certainty to provide peace to your customers.

Goal Oriented Focus

You deal directly with your customers, you get complaints from your customers, whatever you experience you must stay focused on your goals, your goal as a customer assistance is to provide the best service for your customers.

Surprise ability

If your customers experience bad things suddenly because maybe your product can’t run optimally, and you feel surprised because suddenly you get a complaint. You must be able to control the situation, ask what happened, and give a solution.