Technical tips to run your interview session at B1 exam

B1 examination is likely to be quite popular among those that are in need for specific purposes such as their settlement in the UK. It is a typical test which the participants must pass to get qualified in an intermediate level of English skills. At the particular purpose of the settlement in the UK, B1 test is one of the requirements to be fulfilled by the participants. Just like the other English tests, B1 test has its own characteristics. Thus, it is important for the participants to get familiar with the test before booking the test date on english exam online free

To look up some tips related to the preparation of your B1 test is likely to be meaningful ways. In example, it is important to keep in your mind that in the session of telling story you are going to say sentences in past tenses. A session of telling story is included into spoken session of B1 test. Linking words are worthy to use as the bridge between your sentences. Besides your concern of the dictions, it is also important to bring the story with the exciting plot. A lot of practices will guide you to feel more confident to face the examination.

It is possible for you to set a preparation specifically for the session of telling story. At this point, you are going to train yourself to get quickly adjusted with the order. Before the test, you can set schedule of telling story practices at your home in daily basis. You do not need to be perfect at the early days. You can just let the routine of practices guide you little by little.

You do not have to spare much time for this kind of practices. It is enough to practice for 20 to 30 minutes in daily basis as you think that you are busy enough.