Note This When Installing Air Conditioner

Installing and using air conditioners at home is often done by many people. This is not surprising because the weather is getting hotter every day. For that, you should also take care of the air conditioner. Visit for cleaning services so that your air conditioner always works well.

However, before you use the air conditioner, you need to pay attention very well so that the installation and use can be maximized.
If the air-conditioned room to be installed has a vent/window, close the ventilation hole with a carton/plastic to increase the efficiency of the air conditioner. Do not leave the air conditioner above the door and the pipe length from the indoor unit to the outdoor should not exceed 15 meters.
Determine the installation of pipes for disposal of condensed water. While to avoid the vibration of the outdoor unit, do not place it on the same wall as the indoor unit. Outdoor units should be placed in open spaces and accessible for maintenance.