Rope skipping isn’t just about having fun

As a child, jumping rope is one of the most popular games. This one sport does have health benefits that your body can get. Jumping rope might look like a play activity. Who would have thought that if you routinely do it, there are many benefits to your body? Aside from that, if you’re looking for a high-quality jump rope, we recommend you to visit and find a buyer’s guide that can help you find a good jump rope which suits your needs and budget.


A routine jump rope will help shape the upper body. It may seem that only the wrists and hands are working, but actually, the shoulders and upper body also work to control and stabilize the rope.

The second benefit that you can get is to compress your leg bones. Based on data from the Journal of Applied Physiology, young women who diligently play rope jumps three times a week for six months increased bone mineral density. This will be very useful in old age, the bones will be stronger and not easily broken.

Jumping rope for 30 minutes burns about 400 calories. Routinely doing it will help you lose weight.

This simple sport, in fact, has benefits to train coordination and also balance the body. A study of children has revealed the benefits of playing rope jumping. Children who take jump rope training, coordination skills, and motor balance when playing soccer are better than those who do not.

Furthermore, it’s also a very easy exercise to do compared to other types of exercises. As you can expect, this one can be done indoors at any weather condition. That’s why rope skipping can be loved and done regularly by many people, even for those who don’t like to do the heavier types of exercises.

Well, this is really cool, right? It never hurts to routinely exercise this one every day and get health benefits.