Storing items neatly, cleanly, and easily

Storing items is often a problem. Especially if the item is too much and there is no place for shelves and storage cabinets. Therefore, we will give tips on storing items to look neat and beautiful in view. Apart from that, you may consider hiring the licensed self storage service if you want to store precious items for a long time.

Select Items to be stored

Before arranging items in a closet, decide in advance what items will be stored and which need to be removed.

Use the remaining space

If you only have the remaining space in the kitchen, don’t hesitate to add a cupboard or shelf in the kitchen to make it unexpected. You can store items related to the kitchen or cleanliness on the shelf. Place it on the lowest shelf so that it is easily taken and put back.

You can also put patterned plates to enhance the appearance of the closet. Place plates and other eating utensils on different shelves. If the cabinet has a drawer, use it to store a washcloth.

Take advantage of the wall

The wall that connects the kitchen and living room in this house can be used as something functional. Surround the television with a shelf and use it to put remote controls, paintings, flower pots, and books.

Combine Furniture

Combine the dressing table and glass cabinet in the bathroom to make it a beautiful storage cabinet. Store towels and cleaning cloth on the first two shelves and soap on the bottom shelf. Drawers on the dressing table can be used to store makeup and hair accessories.

Use used goods

Don’t have a special box to store items? No problem! Buddy can use used goods friend. Like wood left over from building houses, or used can buckets. With a touch of re-paint, you can get a place to store cheap and beautiful items.

Use a Glass Cabinet

Some items must be sterile from dust but need to be displayed. by storing it in a glass cabinet you can store goods at the same time “show off”. This glass shelf beside storing shoes can also be used to put accessories. Thus, you can more easily see and pick up items when you are getting ready to go.