The two factors that force you to give a speech without preparations

Generally, if you are required to make speeches at important events, we must prepare them first. Especially those who hear our speeches will be tens or even hundreds of people. Either read-read, write a speech framework, or study listener characters. Apart from that, you may go to if you want to check out the samples of great motivational speeches.

But sometimes we don’t have time to do that. There are 2 conditions that cause it:

1. Busy, focusing on other things
When asked to give a speech at a certain event, you are busy taking care of work. So even though the execution time is a few days, you still cannot use it to just think about what material you will convey.

Take it easy. Not that you have to cancel your appearance. Not necessarily the event maker is ready with your cancellation. There are still tricks that can be used to maximize reading even without preparation.

2. Sudden
Have you ever visited an event, suddenly asked to deliver a speech or something like that? Many events like this. Whether the committee is lacking in preparation, or indeed there is something out of the plan. In essence, you are trusted to deliver a speech right away.

Anyone must be surprised by this situation. Even reliable orators. Because not thinking from the start will talk on the podium to face many people.

Even if surprised, you need to take a deep breath and then say, “OK”. Trust has come to you. They see you the most appropriate person.

In addition to the 2 reasons above, there may be other reasons too. Here we don’t focus on those reasons. What we focus on is how you deal with such situations.

The following tips amount to 10 which are divided into two parts, namely pre-speech and during the speech. Pre-speech means anything you need to do before you get on stage. And tips during speech means what topics can you talk about on stage later.