These Are Two Schools That Has Elegant And Unique School Uniforms

Uniforms certainly become very important for school students. The many models of school uniforms that exist do make many people have to choose the best, but certainly remain in accordance with the rules and standards in the school.

Many uniform models in the world are famous for being unique and popular. South Korea is a country with a unique uniform model. Some schools in South Korea have unique uniform models.

– Seoul School of Performance Arts (SOPA)
This school is the most hits school there, because dozens of Kpop idols come from this school. Founded in 1996, this school has a typical school uniform that is yellow with navy blue details.

– Hanlim Multi Arts School
This school is considered as a rival in SOPA and prints a lot of idol Kpop graduates. The school has an elegant school uniform in gray and a navy blue blazer with gold buttons which makes it look even more cool.