These Are Three Terms In Hosting You Need To Know Well

When all businesses use the website to market their products and services, they also need the right web hosting to control their website properly. They must also ensure that the website can be accessed by everyone who needs it. This is where a servidor works. So, you really need to find the right and quality web hosting.

The more people who need hosting, the more web hosting companies provide these services. Besides you have to know the company well, you also have to understand the terms that are usually used in hosting, such as

1. What is a web server?
Web servers are typically used in referrals for computer hardware that provide extensive internet services on the internet. Web servers usually include hardware, operating systems, server software, IP protocols, and website content. Web servers can process requests from browsers for web pages and serve them via HTTP.

2. Then what is HTTP?
HTTP or Hyper Text Transfer Protocol is the underlying and used by the World Wide Web (WWW). HTTP will define how messages are formatted or transmitted. Web servers and browsers usually also act in taking and also responding to an incoming command.
For example, when you type the URL address on your browser, then you can go to the website that you need.

3. What is a URL?
Uniform Resource Locator – it is the global address that saves all the documents in WWW. The first part of the address indicates the protocol used, and the second part shows the IP address or domain name where the resource is located.

4. What is a domain name?
A build addressing is used to identify and find computers on the Internet. Domain names provide a system that easily remembers Internet addresses. It also can be translated by DNS or mostly called by Domain Name System to numeric addresses IP numbers used by the network.