The effects of hippies culture in the current era

Who says hippies are dead? Ideologically, yes, but not in a lifestyle. In fact, they have significant progress. The colors are still there, psychedelia uselessness is still a habit, only the thought is zero. The following are the characteristics of the hippie’s culture that is currently mushrooming around us. Aside from that, you can go to this hippie dating website if you’re looking for a hippie partner.

1. Clothes

We still find striking tie-dye colors, tasseled pants, and bracelets that accumulate on the wrist. Not to forget Indian-style leather jackets, creative handmade bags, and glasses that are more or less called “face mirror”, because they are so thick. The peace logo is still clearly emblazoned on T-shirts, although there are also those who wear t-shirts of identical music groups such as The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and “that’s-all” others. There was a brief chat between me and a friend who talked about Tame Impala because he was wearing a t-shirt with a picture of the band, but he confidently replied: “don’t know about this group”. Don’t hesitate to pity and give alms to hippies like this. Not to forget, sometimes hippies now appear more modern with tote bags and fishing caps. Yes, fishing cap.

2. Thought

Hippies are basically the resistance. But when the resistance ended, not a few of them were still in the comfort zone of the hippies that is free life. Frank Zappa’s classmates have criticized hippies who should have disbanded after their movement was over. Even according to my analysis, The Who’s song entitled “Baba O ‘Riley” more or less smelled of insult to young hippies who were not strong in terms of their thinking. Hippies currently do not think further to spread peace. Never mind peace, he was already dizzy to look for funds to make his appearance. Not to mention the need for expensive substances.

3. Profile photos on the question network

So far, perhaps this is the most obvious thing that can be clearly seen. Usually, today’s hippie’s people use intoxicating effects in the profile picture, such as blur, excessive contrast, motion, holding two fingers, and others. The more the photo is unclear, then the existence of the person’s hippies is getting stronger.

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