What is Google Penguin?

Google Penguin is the code name of one of Google’s algorithms that were first launched on April 24, 2012. The purpose of this algorithm is to punish sites that violate the rules made by Google’s Webmaster Guideline or Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Apart from that, you may visit https://www.charles-brian.com/new-york-city-seo/ to find a good SEO company near you.

Black-Hat SEO techniques are usually used by irresponsible people to get first place on Google pages by doing SPAM and manipulating the number of links that refer to their sites.

Your site can be said to be popular, famous or good according to Google if many other sites refer to your site. As if you are a lot of rumors, you are famous. So a lot of people try to attach links (links) to many sites so that they are famous or famous. The more other sites talk about your site, the more famous your site is.

Is that so?

The answer is no. Because at this time, there are lots of people who sell backlinks for those who are lazy so that they can instantly be ranked first. It’s as if your site is rumored by many sites. Even though these sites are not necessarily of high quality or do not even connect to the theme of your site.

For example, your site sells children’s toys, but because you buy a lot, even thousands of backlinks, sometimes your site is on porn sites, car sites, adult women’s clothing sites, etc. This means you are doing cheating techniques because the irrelevance of your site on someone else’s site will be assessed by Google Penguin.

So don’t cheat!

In January 2012, Google renewed the Penguin algorithm by punishing sites that over-advertised or too little content (only one monitor screen).

So in order to get away from Google Penguin penalties, do not spread your site links to sites that are not clear and not connected to your site. Make a good backlink. Visit sites or social media related to your site, this will be far safer and of higher quality. And let them (other sites) refer to your site naturally if your content is good. Make good memes and become viral so that your site gets a good backlink and of course there will be lots of natural visitors too.

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